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GemaSim is a
non-technical skills training and assessment tool.

Under pressure, humans have a tendency to switch from established norms and best practices to behaviour that is sometimes difficult to explain. This has been observed in high-stress industries such as aviation, rail, medicine and nuclear power generation, as well as amongst executive management. This is the reason effective training needs to be done at least partially when people and teams are under pressure.

GemaSim makes behaviour easily observable

Through an understanding of the causal factors of human behaviour, and by analysis of one's own behavioural patterns, they can be modified, re-exercised and consolidated.

In high-stress industries, task analysis and corresponding behavioural marker systems have been developed and validated. We adapt the basic structure of these robust behavioural markers to fit into specific teamwork scenarios, which are tailored to different clients and professional environments. Research shows the importance of focussing on situation-specific training alongside individual traits, skills and behavioural patterns. GemaSim provides the missing link: between purely professional training and the challenges of daily business.

Action Based Learning
Team game, Management Game

A computer-based
simulator, GemaSim is designed to demonstrate, and to give experience of, the 'real human factor'

It allows for the experience, observation, analysis, modification and consolidation of authentic behavioural patterns. It is all about effective personal and team behaviour - in real time.

High Risk

Like zero-gravity astronaut training, GemaSim provides a fun, yet serious and relevant simulation activity that allows for behavioural patterns to be experienced.

Competing teams of four astronauts operate their own spacecraft and take part in a spectacular exploration of an unknown quadrant in deep space - X-578. Working in pairs, crew members share one of the two onboard work stations which are configured to handle propulsion, tasks, experiments and energy management.

The scenarios demand effective communication and cooperation in a multitasking environment where workload, time management, decision making and setting priorities keep them busy.

In mastering these challenges, individuals show authentic behavioural patterns, and 'play' their own genuine part under pressure. Back at base, a thorough debriefing including feedback, analysis of individual- and team dynamics,
video feedback and reflections on one's own behaviour takes place.

Team Coordination Workload Management

The flight deck

The software simulates two separate spacecraft workstations and the environment of deep space.

During the exercise each crew member will be assigned to enter one of the two workstations.

Team Leader Skills

behaviour by
the participants
is the starting point for:

• Pure Human Factors Skill Training

• Team building training

• Training of leadership and co-operation in stressful situations

• Skill analysis in assessment centres

Based on the observation of demonstrated behaviour, the skills, abilities and
capabilities of participants can be rated against a predefined, specific profile.
Major elements and dimensions of a personal profile can easily be assessed,

such as:

• Social competencies

• Motivation for performance, leadership & creative urge

• Mental constitution

• Team behaviour

• Communication capabilities

• Leadership skill

Team Simulation, Information Acquisition
Serious Gaming, Team Performance
Human Factor, Human Error

About Us

Naef Ltd is a New Zealand based company directed by Werner and Andrea Naef. With more than 30 years of experience in high-risk industries we knew how effective simulator based training for technical skills could be. Convinced that the same technique would work equally well for so called non-technical skills or Human Factors training, we developed, designed and programmed GemaSim in 2003. With continual updates and enhancements, GemaSim is being used all over the world. To facilitate this, we have a number of certified trainers in Europe, USA and Oceania.

High Risk


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